During our Sunday morning messages, there are times that we may reference something for you to use to follow up for your own study! This page will help!


As stated on the "Very Well Mind" website: "Attachment theory focuses on relationships and bonds (particularly long-term) between people, including those between a parent and child and between romantic partners. It is a psychological explanation for the emotional bonds and relationships between people."

To read the entire article and to further understand "Attachment Theory", click HERE

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Understanding your Attachment Style can help you understand how you connect with others.  To take an Attachment Style quiz, feel free to do your own research to find a quiz that works for you.  Lady Robin's personal preference is THIS QUIZ. However, please note that she is not personally affiliated with the creator of this Quiz. It has proven helpful for her personal use, and she encourages you to do your own research and speak with your therapist.

NOTE: The information here or via our social media is not considered therapy. Again, do your personal research and speak with your mental health provider for more information.