We believe in Community and we want to intimately connect with you!

For several weeks, starting in October, we will gather in an intimate setting to grow, learn and evolve in a consistent and personal manner. We want to do LIFE with you! In Groups is where you will GROW in your Faith, within your Family, Finances, Fitness and your Future!

To Sign Up, Click HERE!

How will CARE groups work?

When will Care Groups Start?

Our next set of sessions will start the week of October 2, 2023.  Each specific group will identify their meeting DAY and TIME. 

Who will be leading the group?

There are Transformers (what we call our members) who have been trained as group leaders for our Care Groups. 

What do I need to bring?

TBD by your group leader

Do I need to register?

Yes, please click HERE to sign-up! Once you sign-up we will be able to assign you to a group. Once you are assigned to a group, your group leader will reach out to you with more information.  

Where will we meet?

The gatherings will be determined by your specific group. Your group leader will speak with all of you to determine a location.  

How long will it last?

This round of small groups will last for approx 12 weeks - but remember that is every other week we will meet. 

Will there be a place for children?

Unfortunately we can't accommodate children at this time. 

Will food be provided?

TBD by group

If I don't make the first one, or I know I will miss one, can I still attend?

Yes, you are welcome to come even if you don't make the 1st one.

Do I have to be a member of TFC to attend?

Absolutely NOT! And you can invite a friend to join you!

What if I have a question that isn't listed here?

Shoot us an email: