A Message from pastor lee

What’s going on? I am glad you have taken some time to check us out.  You, whether we are personally acquainted or not, are important to me, simply because YOU are important to God.  The entire Transforming Faith Church would love a chance to get to know you.

Below you will learn more information about TFC and how/why we got started. But, before I go there, I wanted to take a moment just to encourage you for a minute. We are clearly in a very interesting time as the WORLD is dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Just like you, I am praying that God keeps me, my family and all of you safe. And I want you to know that this is the time where what we truly believe is tested.  Faith isn't truly faith until your faith is tested, and if this isn't a test I don't know what it is. So I want to encourage you to KEEP THE FAITH! We will get through this, together. God is not thrown off, He is not surprised, He is not confused, He is not trying to figure things out.  WE don't have the answers, but one thing we do know is that we can trust Him. I want to remind you to take things day by day (sometimes minute by minute), love on your family and friends and speak life. As my wife, Robin continues to declare "we will be better after this."

Now here is a bit of information about our church:

Transforming Faith Church (TFC) started with 3 monthly services from June – August.  On September 10th 2017, we officially launched with weekly services.  Now here is the deal.  The truth is, in our area there is a church on almost every corner.  So the natural question is often, “WHY do we need another church”?  Trust me.  When I started to sense this call from God, I asked the same question.  My wife definitely did as well.  But God quickly began to show us what He specifically wanted to do through Transforming Faith Church, and as the vision became clearer we became more committed.    

We believe that God has given us an assignment to create a TRANSFORMATIVE Worship Experience that will have an impact on the lives of all that attend.  We believe that God has called us to help YOU transform your relationship with Christ, then we want to walk along side of you as your LIFE is transformed by Him and then ultimately together we can transform our community…and ultimately the world. We believe that each every person connected to TFC is a TRANSFORMER! We would love for you to be a part of the movement.

You can STAY CONNECTED by clicking THIS link. We are absolutely on pins and needles about what God has in store! We hope to see you soon…Every Sunday at 10am!

And remember, together, we can TRANSFORM our world through the awesome power of Christ!

We are Transformers!

See you at church & in the community,

Pastor Lee



We would be honored to have you as a part of our Community! 

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  • where do your services take place?

    Services are held IN-PERSON every Sunday  (5th Sundays we worship through service! We meet at the church and then go out to the community)

    Church address:

    5240 Panola Industrial Blvd

    Stonecrest, GA 30035


  • what time does service start?

    Yep, you got it right! Service starts at 10:00am and YES we start ON TIME!

    Our service normally lasts 90 minutes but at the most 2 hours.

    Get to service early and enjoy a cup of coffee in the lobby, or you can have a cup with Pastor Lee & Lady Robin immediately after service.

  • do you have students ministry?

    Yes! We have a thriving Children and Youth Ministry called: L.I.T. STUDENTS: Living In Transformation!



We are excited to worship with you this morning.

service starts at 10am.


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1. First try to refresh your screen

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